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The anus is a well known erogeneous zone for both males and females.  It contains many highly sensitive nerve endings, and in men the prostate is also known to be highly pleasurable when stimulated.  Butt plugs generally have a head, a thinner section near the base, and a base.  They are commonly used in preparation for anal sex as they warm up the muscles, as anal sex should not be attempted without warming up prior to penetration.  Thin dildos and other tools are used to similulate anal intercourse, as butt plugs are usually too large for this.  Anal beads are beads attached to a cord which are inserted into the anus and gradually pulled out, often during climax.  This causes rapid opening and contracting of the surrounding muscles, and stimulates the nerve endings in the area.  Prostate stimulators are anal toys that are designed for use by men, and are used to deliver vibrations and stimulation to the prostate gland.  We recommend using plenty of lubricant, douching, always using a toy cleaner after use, and carefully reading more about anal toys for safety and hygiene tips

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