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One of the most important aspects of any activity involving sex is hygiene.  We cannot stress the importance of cleaning your toys, and ensuring that bacteria are not able to breed on toys or be transferred between partners. 
Toy Cleaners:   Bacteria allowed to grow on toys can lead to irritation, infection, and in females, thrush, so it's best to use a toy cleaner.  While alcohol-based toy cleaners certainly do the job, they can  also damage materials, so we recommend  non-alcohol-based toy cleaners.
Douching:   Few people consider it, but douching is an essential part of preparing for any form of anal play as it clenses the anal passage. A douche is simply a tool for spraying liquid (usually tepid water) into the anal passage.  Vaginal douching is also a good idea, but less common.
We recommend using a lubricant when douching, and following instructions carefully.  More info on hygiene, cleaners and douching 

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