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Lotions & Potions

Delay Sprays:   Delay sprays are used on the head of the penis to decrease its sensitivity, helping to prevent premature ejaculation and provide more control over when climax occurs.
Arousal Gels:   Containing products such as menthol or peppermint oil, these are usually applied to the clitoris and/or nipples to draw the blood to the surface, increasing the sensitivity of nerve endings.  They are great for women who may have difficulty climaxing, and increases the sensations that your toys can provide.  The effect of these products vary from person to person depending on how sensitive you are. 
Aphrodisiacs:   These help to create arousal.  They consist of known foods and herbs that traditionally have been believed to cause arousal, such as horny goat weed.  They can be in tablet form, or as a liquid to add to your drink, or many other forms.  You must always pay attention to the instructions, as incorrect use may yield undesirable results. 
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