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Regular Dildos

Dongs and dildos are the same thing, and both names are fine (although 'dildo' tends to get more of a laugh).  They vary from vibrators in that they are generally non-vibrating, and are used more for penetrative stimulation than for vibrational stimulation.  Dongs are available in a huge array of materials, including silicone, jelly, real-skin materials, Silagel, glass and more.  Many dongs also have a suction cup of the base, allowing them to stuck to almost any smooth, clean surface.   If you're looking to try your first dong, or even if you're simply looking for a well-priced, high quality toy, we recommend trying one of the dongs from the Radiant Gems range.  We recommend using plenty of lubricant with all dongs, and a non-alcohol-based toy cleaner.  More info on dongs 

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