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Vibrator Kits

So, you've just visited our site looking to buy a few treats for you and/or your partner, and there are just too many things to try?  Vibrator Kits contain a plethoria of neat little toys that you can use on your own or with a partner, which is a great way of sampling each type of toy in order to work out which type you like.  Items that you'd expect to find in these kits include vibrators, minivibes, sleeves, cockrings, ticklers and small anal toys, but the actual contents vary from kit to kit.  These sets are particularly suited for weekends away or times when you plan to have a night to yourselves, as well as for sampling each type of toy inexpensively.  We recommend using plenty of lubricant and a non-alcohol-based toy cleaner.  More info on couples kits 

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