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Cockrings are predominantly intended to help prolong erections, and to make them harder, increase control, and heighten orgasms.  They bind the penis and/or the testicles, restricting bloodflow and trapping it in the penis.  They can help maintain erections after orgasm too, making them useful if the male orgasms first, and the female wishes to continue and climax also.  If a ring is purely for use after a pump, a simple cockring is recommended, such as plain black rubber rings, the Magic Ring, or Julian's Stud Ring.  Couple's cockrings also may come with various stimulators, including nodes that rub on your partners clitoris and anus, as well as vibrating bullets to deliver extra stimulation to both partners.  These are more useful as a toy to introduce purely in the interests enhancing sex, rather than to delay ejaculation.  We recommend using a toy cleaner, especially on couples cockrings. 

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