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Sportsheet Door Jam Cuff set 4pcs



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Free Postage on SportSheets Door jam Restraings. Turn any doorway into an exciting Bondage gateway. who knows what happens behind closed doors.  Simply drape the 2 acrylic tubes over the top of an open door or slide them under the bottom of the door, close the door, and your partner is securely restrained. The acrylic tubes hold securely when the door is closed without scuffing or damaging the door, and there`s no need for modification or fancy tools / hardware. This awesom kit includes 2 cuff/restraings, and 2 door jams that can be used on writsts or ankles. Suitable for both men and women, this excelent invention lets partners explore new positions and scenarios never previously imaginable. Good quality as alwayse provided by sportsheets.

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