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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do you post overseas?
Has my order been sent? When will it arrive?
How much does freight cost?
When will my order arrive?
How much information must I supply when making an order, and how will it be used?
Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?
Do you accept credit and charge cards?
I've added a product to my cart, but when I get to the checkout it's not there - why?
Can I purchase using mail order rather than online?
Do you have a store that I can visit?
I don't want the item delivered to my house - is there any other way to get it?
Are batteries included?
Does 'free' postage just mean that you're $8 more expensive?
What methods of payment do you offer, and how do they work?
What happens if I order an item that is unavailable?
Do you sell secondhand or returned goods, or factory seconds?
Can you mail out a catalogue?
Where can I find product explanations?
How long will my order take to receive?
How do I use Express Post?
How are products tested before sending?
How do you prevent minors from accessing your site?
Do you sell DVDs?
How can I get extra protection for my items?
This toy's not for me, what can I do?
How do I use promotional codes?
Why does Internet Explorer tell me there is a security risk?
How can I make the writing take up less room?
What will my credit card statement read?
What will the packaging and return address be shown as?
Do you sell the iVibe Rabbits?
When and how much have you donated to WSPA? Why do you do it?

Q:   Do you post overseas?
A:   No, we can only post within Australia.  Every country has different laws regarding adult products, and it would be impossible to ensure that we conform with them all.  Also, the majority of credit card fraud occurs from overseas customers, which again means that overseas orders cannot be fulfilled. If you're from overseas, we recommend visiting one of our recommended overseas adult stores by following this link.

Q:   Has my order been sent?
A:   We send a confirmation email to the email address that you specify (unless you request otherwise) within 24 hours of sending your order.  Quite often though, these emails will not arrive or will be filtered into your junk mail folder due to us having the word 'sex' in our address,  If you'd like to confirm with us that it has been sent and haven't received an email, just drop us a line.

Q:    How much does freight cost?
A:    Nothing.  We offer free postage, unconditionally, on all items.  No other online adult store that we've come across offers unconditionally free postage, with the general shipping costs ranging between $8 and $10 - even if you're only buying something small.  Although offering free postage does reduce our profits per sale, we hope that by bringing a fairer deal to the customer that we will get more people finding us, and more people returning to us.  Our freight is free, but if you wish you can opt for Express Post for a flat $3 fee by choosing it from the 'Extra Postage Options' product category.  Please note that although the postage and handling is 'free' it is actually covered by  the nice folk at Sexy Toy Box Australia.  This means that any refunds will be made minus the postage costs incurred in the initial sale.  Purchases deemed high-risk (such as high value purchases) may be sent via Registered Post at our discretion.

Q:    When will my order arrive?
A:    It depends on your location and the time that your order was placed.  At the latest, products will be sent the day after they're ordered and paid for.  We're based in Perth, so orders to Perth should only be 1-2 days, to the Northern Territory orders generally take 3-4 days, and orders to major cities in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland  Adelaide and Tasmania take around 5-6 days.  Deliveries to the Australian Capital Territory likewise should take around 5 days, while rural areas tend to take a day or two longer than their respective capital cities.  If you purchase the optional Express Post, delivery to major cities (on the Australia Post Express Post network) will be reduced.

Q:    How much information must I supply when making an order, and how will it be used?
A:    Because most purchases with stolen credit cards are made online, all responsible online retailers must be able to satisfactorily verify that an order was placed by the card holder, or someone with permission to use the card.  This means the for credit card orders, enough information must be supplied in order to verify the customer's address and other details.  Of course, if paying via cheque, bank deposit or money order, all we really need to know is where you would like it sent.  For credit card orders, we prefer for you to supply at least 3 of the following: Fixed address, full name, landline phone number, and a server-based (ie. not Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.) e-mail address.  This allows very simple cross-referencing and ensures that your order will be sent as quickly as possible.  Of course, many people prefer to use mobile numbers, free e-mail addresses and P.O. boxes for discretion, which we completely understand.  In this instance, the mobile number and/or P.O. box address can be given in the secure order form as desired, and any details that would help in verifying the safety of your details supplied in the 'Additional Information' field.  We guarantee that this additional information will not be used to contact you or anyone else, and will not be passed in any form to any other parties - it will be used soley to verify your details.  Also, if you wish us not to contact you by any of the other details supplied, you can instruct us of that wish in this field, too.  If you do not wish to supply any 'concrete' details in the order form, you do not have to - but if we're unable to verify the orders safety using the information supplied, we may be required to e-mail you and request clarification.  Full details of our policies, including our privacy policy, can be found in the 'Disclaimer & Policies' section.

Q:    Do you post to P.O. boxes?
A:    We do - many customers want their items delivered discreetly, and therefore do not wish them to be delivered to their home if their nosey mother insists on opening their mail.  However, if you wish us to deliver to a P.O. box, we do require that you supply a fixed-address in the 'Additional Information' field of the order form to allow us to verify the security of your order.  High value orders may need additional confirmation, which we will request if necessary.

Q:    Do you accept credit and charge cards?
A:    We accept credit cards through PayPal, and you don't need to have a PayPal account to shop with us.  After entering your details, you will taken to the PayPal site where you enter the credit card details.  Unfortunately, most charge cards aren't accepted, however American Express cards featuring the Mastercard logo are often accepted.  The best way to find out is to try.

Q:    I've added a product to my cart, but when I get to the checkout it's not there - why?
A:    We may not have the product in stock, or your computer may be set to not accept cookies.  When our stock of a particular item is depleted, we will remove it from the category pages - the products page itself, however, stays online.  Although we no longer link to that page, search engines such as Google and Yahoo still may.  If the page for product that you're trying to purchase was located directly through a search engine or other link, it's best to try to find the product using our 'Search' page - if it can't be located, then we're out of stock.  If you can find it this way, your browser probably doesn't support/hasn't enabled cookies - this can be changed in the preferences or options menus of most browsers.  Cookies are just a little bit of information that stores what you've added to your shopping cart.

Q:    Can I purchase from you with a mail order form rather than online?
A:    Certainly, our mail order form can be accessed by this link, and you can fill it in and print it out, or simply print it out and fill it in by hand.  Note that if using mail order, payment should be made as a cheque or money order sent with the order form.  If the window doesn't open, you may need to disable pop-ups in your browser preferences.  If that doesn't work, simply email us at and we'll send one to your e-mail address.

Q:    Do you have a store that I can visit?
A:    Sorry, we're online only at the moment.  If you'd like to purchase one of our products, but don't want it delivered to your door, please see the below question.

Q:    I don't want my purchase delivered to my house - is there another way I can order online?
A:    You can have any order sent to you care of your local post office.  That is, the address of the post office is on the package instead of yours, and they hold it for you until you come to pick it up.  This way, nobody knows that you've had anything delivered, and the post office staff have no knowledge of the parcel contents.  If you'd like your purchase sent this way, please let us know in the 'Additional Instructions' field in our secure checkout, or email us immediately after placing your order.  We do still require your home address if you are paying by credit card for security reasons, but nothing will be sent there.

Q:    Are batteries included with your products?
A:    Some Do Some toys, especially those that use cell batteries, come with an extra set depending on the supplier. Although we endevour to provide batteries with all toys, we can not put batteries in express post bags or they end up going road freight which is slow.

Q:    Does 'free' postage just mean that your prices are $8 higher than everywhere else?
A:    Not at all.  In most cases, our products are similar or cheaper than competitors who do charge postage - feel free to shop around, that way you'll feel comfortable knowing that Sexy Toy Box gives you the best deal. For example, we sell the Fanny Hills Inflatable Butt Plug for $29.95 (not on special), and some competing websites sell it for $54.95 + postage.  However, some small products, such as simple rubber cockrings, must have a base price so as not to actually cost us money to sell. 

Q:   What methods of payment do you offer, and how do I use them?
A:    We offer the following

  • Credit Card, ( Visa, Master Card, American Express) Via Paypal with or without Paypal account
  • Paypal ( via account)
  • Money Order
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Cheque.
  • Mail Order form printed from here

 You do not need a Paypal account in order to use Paypal for your payment. Your details will be collected and transferred using 128-bit encryption by our secure Global Transaction Server.  Cheques and money orders can be sent to our post office box, the details of which are available here.  Please note that items will not be shipped until money orders are received and cheques have cleared.  Bank deposits and bank transfers can be made directly into our bank account, and items will be shipped upon confirmation that the deposit has been made.  If you select 'Bank Deposit' as your preferred payment method when making a purchase, you will immediately be given the necessary details to complete the transaction.

Q:    What happens if I order an item, and for some reason it is unavailable?
A:    We do try our best to ensure that the items displayed in our store are all available, although occasionally this may occur, for example if a large quantity of the same item is ordered and we run out of stock.  If this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible and let you choose one of the following solutions:  we can attempt to get that item back in stock as soon as we can (usually a few days), and Express Post it to you at no extra charge, or; depending on the item we may be able to offer you a similar one of equal or higher value, or; we can give you a full refund via cheque or bank deposit, without charging any administration fees.  Which one of these methods is chosen is up to you, although we are generally able to replenish our stock within a short time.

Q:    Do you sell secondhand or returned goods at reduced prices?
A:    No! Intimate toys are not the sort of thing that you should get 'pre-loved'.  Due to health and safety reasons, all items returned for any reason, regardless of whether they have been used or not, must be destroyed and disposed of.  At Sexy Toy Box, we make sure that all items purchased are as hygienic as possible - when testing they are only handled in a clean environment using gloves, and we never, ever resell any products.  But if you can find an adult store that will, we recommend that you leave and never go back... and wash your hands when you get home.

Q:   Do you mail out catalogues of all of your items?
A:   Sorry, not at the moment.  Signing people up (unknowingly) to receive adult toy catalogues is a oldie and a goodie, but means that producing catalogues is usually not an option.

Q:    Where can I find explanations of what each type of product is?
A:    Detailed information on all of our product types is available here.  We want you to know that a product is right for you, and to get the most out of it.

Q:    How long will it take for me to receive my item?
A:    In order to bring you free postage on all items, we use Regular Post as opposed to the more expensive Express Post.  This means that items will usually take an extra day or two to get to you, depending on your location.  However, if that extra day is important to you, we do offer the choice of express post for $3 extra on top of the total purchase price.  Generally items take between 1 and 5 working days depending on the time of day your order was placed, your proximity to Perth, and your proximity to other major cities.  Large items, such as deluxe dolls and other bulky products, may be couriered, in which case delivery will be overnight.

Q:    How do I have my order sent by Express Post?
A:    Simply select 'Postage Options' from near the bottom the product categories menu, and 'purchase' the Express Post service.  Please note that you only need to purchase one regardless of the number of items you're purchasing.

Q:    How are products tested before sending?
A:    Every item that we receive is individually tested as far as practicable to ensure that they are in good condition when they are sent.  This means checking that motors work, making sure that there are no breaks, splits or peeling in the jelly or silicone, and generally ensuring that they are fit for sale.  Food handling gloves are worn during this process for obvious hygiene purposes.  Please note that we do not test products if doing so would cause considerable damage to packaging.

Q:    How do you prevent minors from having access to your site and products?
A:    We support voluntary labeling of adult sites by an organisation called the R.T.A.  This means that if the 'Ratings' option in your browser has been configured so as to disable adult content, our site will not be accessible.  If you are concerned about your children accessing our site, or similar sites, we suggest that you configure the 'Ratings' option in your internet browser (but you'll have to disable it when you want to come back!).  In addition, there are various filtering programs, such as NetNanny, that will provide this service.  We are strongly against the sale of adult products to minors, and take every practicable precaution in preventing such sales through our store.  Although we are an adult shop, and as such obviously will have adult-oriented material on our site, all images that could be considered as pornographic (for example, detailed photos of genitals) have been blurred, essentially meaning that even if your child does access our site, they will only encounter material suitable for an MA or R rating, rather than true pornography.

Q:    Do you sell DVDs?
A:    Afraid not.  Sexy Toy Box Australia focuses on providing toys and products to enhance sexual enjoyment between couples and individuals, and wish to be seen as a friendly, fun online store, which DVD sales can often affect.  In addition, the sale of X-rated movies outside of the Australian territories (A.C.T. and N.T.)  is a tricky political issue, and is made more difficult by the misdirected influences of particular religious groups.  Being a relatively small company, this is one service that we cannot offer.  We do however support any other organisations who do sell adult DVDs, as we feel that it is every adult's right to view non-violent erotica.  After all, if you're not allowed to watch people enjoy sexual activities, you should probably close your eyes during sex, in which case we sell blindfolds to ensure that you are in no way corrupted by enjoying your own sexual activity...  Also, PayPal does not allow the purchase of pornographic movies through them.

Q:    I'm buying this item as a gift - how can I ensure that the product is not damaged when I receive it?
A:    We take care to protect items in transit with bubble wrap, but occasionally items will be handled roughly in transit which is unavoidable.  If it is of utmost importance to you that the item arrives in perfect condition, please email us at and we will endeavour to ensure this.  For small items, this will mean many layers of bubble wrap, and for large items such as love dolls, will require mailing boxes and packing foam.  For small items we will happily do this for free on request, but for large items a surcharge of $3 to cover the price of the mailing box will be required, which can be selected/purchased in the 'Postage Options' category in our category list.

Q:    I bought a toy from Sexy Toy Box recently, but I don't think it's the one for me.  What can I do?
A:    Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns or refunds on products that don't suit you, even if they haven't been used.  Try to keep in mind that your body is a wonderful, complex thing that reacts to certain stimulation and sensations differently to everyone else's, but because of this you are quite likely to find that the toy which didn't quite float your boat the first time you used it can send you to the moon a few weeks later.  One of the great things about adult toys is the experimentation and exploration of your own (and your partner's) body, and you will find new areas and sensations as you go.

Q:   How do I use a promotional code?
A:   Add your desired items into your cart and proceed to the checkout as per normal.  Before entering payment details, there will be a field for an optional promotional code - this is where you enter it.

Q:    Why is Internet Explorer telling me that it's blocked a security risk on Sexy Toy Box?
A:    Most online stores use 'Shopping Carts' to track a customer's order.  These carts are generally in the form of 'Cookies' or similar, and require your computer to store a small piece of information listing what products you would like.  Your computer is most likely blocking these requests to store and send information, and in order to use our site you need to allow them.  Please note that the only purpose of these Cookies is to keep track of your order - we do not collect information without your consent.

Q:    There's too much writing next to each item!  How can I make it take up less room?
A:    In Internet Explorer: Go to the View Menu, then choose Text Size, and select a smaller size. 
In Seamonkey and Netscape: go to Edit, then click on the + sign next to Appearance, and select a new text size. 
In Firefox: go to Tools menu, choose Options, then click on the Content tab, and select a new font size .  We provide a lot information to help you make the best choice, and if the description is overly long we use an abbreviated version for the thumbnails.  If you personally think this is a terrible idea, let us know (

Q:   What will my credit card statement say?
A:   PAYPAL *Validus Enterprises.  This could be any online/eBay shopping, without being misleading at the same time.

Q:   What will the packaging and return address on my items be like?
A:   The packaging varies from item to item, depending on the product.  Small products such as vibrators, bullets and condoms will be in plain Regular Post prepaid satchels or white padded bags, and large items will usually be in Australia Post mailing boxes or plain cardboard boxes.  The return address will be STBA, P.O. Box 5519, Canning Vale South, 6155 Western Australia.  There will be no logos or other information on the outside of the package.

Q:   Do you sell the iVibe Rabbits?  I've heard that they're great and would like to try one.
A:   We no longer stock iVibe Rabbits, however if you would like us to order one in for you we are able to do them for only $119.95 (compared to other stores, where they are up to $199.95).  We have decided to no longer stock iVibe Rabbits for several reasons.  Firstly, our testing of products before they are sent found a dissapointingly high rate of product faults, which would otherwise not be discovered until the toys were received by customers.  Secondly, we feel that they fail to live up to the hype spun around them - there are many, many deluxe vibrators of higher quality around.  We personally recommend the Decadent Indulgence range, as well as the Snow Bunny and Endless Pleasure.  They have similar recommended retail prices as the iVibes, but significantly outperform them.

Q:   When and how much have you donated to WSPA?  Why do you do it?
A:   We donate exactly 1% of our sales (before any costs, deductions, etc.) to WSPA, shortly before the end of each financial year.  We do it because we want to - it is a personal desire to make a difference and we encourage you to consider doing so as well.


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