Pjur Woman bodyglide. pjur woman is specially formulated for womens soft and sensitive skin. It provides extra long lasting lubrication for your massage, foreplay or sex. A few drops suffice for one application. Perfect for lubrication, whilst enhancing your personal pleasure, and leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Pjur woman never gets sticky and never dries out, It doesnt block the pores, and is taste free and odourless. It is also water free, oil free and non-greasy whilst containing no preservatives. This product is one of the best on the market and is allergy-tested, skin conditioning and dermatologically confirmed. It is also Latex confirmed so all good with condoms. All Pjur Bodyglides are clinically and dermatologist tested and are non-toxic. In the last 12 years Pjur Group and it’s affiliates have sold more than 70 million bottles of Bodyglide formulations without health incident. Bodyglide is an inert substance (meaning PH balanced), bacteria cannot chain or grow in Bodyglide. It’s latex friendly, silcone does not aborb, extending the practical-use life of condoms. They are chemical and preservative free.