The perfect toy for those that want to sit back and relax as they feel the sensations of their Shots Toy. The wireless remote controlled egg allows just that! The 10 difference settings vibrate throughout the whole egg, as opposed to one specific area so you will feel sensations in all areas of your lovely parts. This product was just as it explained itself to be. An egg with a remote that has 10 different vibration and speed settings. The remote is great and because its wireless its wonderful but the vibrations on this egg are not very strong. They are very generalized over the entire egg surface therefore it seems to lose some of the potential. The wireless remote can be used from 20 meters away, so use your imagination and be stimulated by someone else, in public, on road trips…. let your mind, or someone else, take control! The discreet shape fits perfectly onto a key ring or belt loop and with it’s slider cover, no one will ever know just what it is! Unless you show them, of course!